Reporting and Deliverables

Executive Summary
An appendix with supporting documentation and diagrams
Identification of discovered security vulnerabilities with severity rankings…

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Project Management

Own It Inc provide project management services in conjunction with their Information Security projects or they can work within your project management framework and provide your PM’s with assistance in initial scoping, detailed…

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Network Assessment

Inventory of all WAN/LAN active network devices
Internet, VPN and overall perimeter review
Firewall and gateway structure

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Server Assessment

Document & Audit internal facing servers, providing software/hardware audits
Determine Patch/Vulnerability status of internal facing servers
Prioritization of servers based on risk

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Desktop Assessment

Document & Audit desktops, providing software/hardware audits
Determine Patch/Vulnerability status of desktops

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Physical Environment Assessment

Review of physical security controls
Parking and vehicular controls
Loading bays

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Facilities Assessment

Power conditioning to include utilities, switch gear, UPS and generator
HVAC systems
Cable Plant (Physical Layer)
Heat, Smoke, Fire & Gas monitoring systems

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Documentation, Policies and Procedures Assessment

Physical security
Business Continuity/Disaster recovery
Policy Review
Test results review
Procedure review
Vendor Management

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Third Party Vendor Risk Management Assessment

Review of security policies and procedures
Human Resource Security
Risk and Asset Management
Incident Management

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Systems Hardening

Hardening of specific operating systems to reduce risk

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Social Engineering Assessment

Building access
Telephone social engineering
Employee awareness interviews
Email phishing

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Application Penetration Assessment

Own It Inc provides application penetration testing to determine your application security weaknesses using real world attacks in authenticated and unauthenticated modes.

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