Systems Hardening

  • Hardening of specific operating systems to reduce risk
  • Operating systems supported include: 
    • Cisco IOS
    • Fortinet (FortiOS)
    • Microsoft (Windows Server, IIS, Sharepoint, SQL & Forefront TMG)
    • Linux


    This feature is highly recommended for external facing Microsoft servers hosting web based applications. The hardening process is a highly customized service that has been developed by Own It Inc utilizing our extensive experience and combined with many standards including but not limited to DISA, NSA and CIS. Our clients for hardening services over the years have included Patchlink, Cable & Wireless, NASA, DOD, Layer8, Home Depot, Ullico and Deloitte & Touche. Hardening for these systems includes but is not limited to:


    • IP filtering
    • NTFS
    • IPSEC
    • URL Scanning
    • Service hardening
    • Registry hardening
    • IIS hardening
    • Antivirus
    • Removal of unnecessary software and services
    • Disk encryption
    • Enforcement of SSL/TLS protocols and versions
    • Remote access hardening
    • Event log placement and hardening
    • Effective auditing configuration

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